The "0-Day Clothing" Brand

What We Do

We design and sell apparel with highly technical references that only people like you would understand. We do this for the fields we love the most: security, networking, cryptography and classic problems in computer science. 0-Day Clothing

How We Do It

All the products we sell have been designed by us, so they are 100% 0-Day Clothing originals (if that means anything, lol).

We try hard to make our designs more intelectual and less simplistic and lame than the usual things you find out there (e.g. no jokes about HTML tags or "Programmer + Coffee = Code" crap). And we create actual designs, with graphics, not just some simple text.

We offer them on many different types of t-shirts and hoodies, for men, women, kids and babies, and also on things like mugs, backpacks or caps. But we don't stock anything. Our products are printed on demand, just for you, everytime you order. This makes everything much more manageable for us, and also lets you fully customize what you buy. 0-Day Clothing

Also, we don't place any branding stuff on our products. We only have a few designs that include our logo, but we removed the word "clothing" from it, so it just says "0-day", like in "0-day exploit", which is way cooler. We do this because we don't see our customers as a free advertising platform, even though we could really use some free advertising.

Why We Do It

We do this because everyone deserves to write their own dress code, and because we couldn't find anything out there that had good technical references and designs that weren't the ugliest thing ever.

An also, because we publicly support a number of causes, such as net neutrality, open source software, the right to use strong cryptography, freedom of speech, LGBT+ rights, protection against State surveillance or fair access to knowledge and education. And and we want to offer some desings that can give visibility to those critical causes.

We hope you enjoy our products. Not saying they'll magically get you to find the man/woman of your dreams but at least you'll look decent when you go to Defcon or the next local 2600 meeting.

Btw, we are always looking for feedback and new ideas so if you have good ones or you think we should change anything, please tell us.