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Problems with your order?

If you have any queries regarding an order that you've already placed (ordered incorrect items by mistake, order hasn't arrived, incorrect items received, etc), please reach out to one of the following addresses, describing exactly what the problem is, and providing all of these: Order ID, date of purchase, name and shipping address.

1. If your ordered from our US shop:
US Orders Address

2. If your ordered from our European shop:
EU Orders Address

Please, remember to describe the problem you are experiencing, and to provide the Order ID (something that looks similar to 12345678-98765432), date of purchase, name and shipping address. You can find all those in the email confirmation you received right after you placed the order (look for a subject like "Your order with 0-Day Clothing")

Any other enquiries?

Any doubts? Suggestions? Requests? Compliments? Insults? Feel free to contact us at any time. We read every email (unless its something about transferring 2 million dollars you inherited from some African king, or about enlarging our penis). We will reply as soon as possible. If you are in a hurry, please indicate [URGENT] in the subject, so we can spot your email right away. Here's our address:

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